Pelvic Therapy for Kids

All assessments and therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. 


Giving Kids Confidence

  • Is bed wetting keeping you up at night?

  • Is your child missing out on fun due to bladder leaks?

  • Does your child refuse to poop?


Many kids struggle with pee and poop issues. These struggles impact their self confidence and self esteem. It is embarrassing for them and can even keep them from participating in social activities. Kids should not miss out on fun due to bladder/bowel issues!

Bowel/bladder struggles impact the whole family. It creates family stress, extra laundry, and embarrasment. It is time to give your child their confidence back and take the stress off you. 

What Parents Are Saying


What Will Therapy Be Like?

You and your child will be treated with dignity and kindness from the first call to graduation. Your child may feel unsure about sharing their struggles and that's ok. On your first visit we will talk about the anatomy of the core and pelvic floor. You and your child will get to share your struggles and ask any questions you have. We will then talk about the best way to help your child. This may include changes in diet, exercise, teaching breath work to help relax or engage the pelvic floor. We will also talk about accountability and follow through with their therapy homework. Our therapy sessions can be silly. I mean we are often talking about poop. What kid doesn't enjoy a good poop joke or two? I know my kids find them hilarious.. Therapy is not scary. Your child will not be asked to do anything they are not comfortable with and you will be with them the whole time. If your child is concerned they are welcome to text or call me before to talk through fears. 


Aside from no more leaks the biggest benefit to you as the parent is no more struggle. I help you create a long term plan for lasting changes. Your child gets encouragement/accountability from me which means no more nagging for you.


What do you say? Are you ready for poop and pee leaks to be a thing of the past?



Schedule your free 20-minute Freedom from Leaks Strategy Call! You will get ideas you can actually start using the minute we get off the phone plus a long term solution.

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What Parents Are Saying:

My son started Early Intervention when he was around 18 months old, he was speech delayed and diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  He had multiple things that I was concerned with at this point.  He was not speaking or even babbling, he was walking on his toes, banging his head on the floor/wall when frustrated and extremely hyper active or as I would say he seemed uncomfortable in his own skin.  Landy came into my home, my son gravitated to her instantly, she was so warm and loving, she understood all of my concern and went above and beyond in order to help him. She helped not only my son but she also helped me and my husband understand his behaviors. Through her techniques we learned how to help my son feel comfortable in his own skin. When my son turned 3, I was so sad to know that Landy would no longer be working with my son, and that my son was going to start special needs preschool however just because she was not working with my son on a daily basis she was always just a phone call away to give me advise and helpful hints.  My son is now 4 years old and excels in his preschool program and we still use techniques we learned from Landy to help him.  Landy has become a great friend to me and my family. 

Melissa M.

I have nothing but great things to say about our former OT, Landy. She came into our home with open arms ready to take on our daughter's challenges and was to determined to help her. Her technique and style were more empathetic and nurturing as opposed to traditional OT. She used massage, sensory, and swinging to really open up a new door of communication for our daughter. We are forever grateful for her and her amazing work, and the progress our daughter made with her.

Joanna P.