Let's Talk About Birth Trauma

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I had an amazing opportunity to present at a Doula Training. It was a room full of passionate, amazing women all wanting to make labor and birth a wonderful experience for other moms. These ladies will leave their families in the middle of the night to support other women bringing life into this world. Birth is an emotional, overwhelming, and absolutely amazing experience.

Before we venture out to help others in the world we need to take the time to process our own birth stories and birth trauma. We so often focus on the baby's health and that the mom survived, but we fail to acknowledge the mom's experience of birth. I help women process trauma of all kinds during our private sessions, but this was the first time I was able to help birth workers process their trauma in a group setting. It was a powerful experience to help future birth workers heal from their own births. It was amazing to see these incredibly strong women face the trauma they had experienced in a group setting and see the support from the other women.

We need more birth circles in our mom world. More sacred space where women support women to help each other heal. Birth trauma is common. It shatters women's confidence and leaves hidden wounds. I am sure doctors, midwives, and nurses never intentionally cause trauma, but the procedures done to women not with them, and ignoring women's wishes around their birth can cause trauma.

The energetic field is open and vulnerable for a women as she births. Women need providers to respect their bodies, talk softly, and take time. Women need to hear they are doing a great job. Women need to hear they are amazing after birth. Women need to be cared for and loved like we do the new baby. They are new mother's. A whole new role. A whole new set of responsibilities. A whole new life.

If you have experienced birth trauma or trauma of any kind take care of yourself. Seek out someone to help you process your trauma so it doesn't haunt you. If you are a birth care provider be gentle with us moms. We need quiet voices, dim lights, and the ability to follow our body's desires to move. We need kindness and gentle touch. We need you to explain what you are going to do and respect us when we ask you to stop. Our body and our emotions are raw. Our energetic field is wide open for new life, but easily damaged by negativity. Be gentle we are new too.

Warmest Wishes in Health,


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