Feel Good In Your Mommy Body

Are you struggling with your body after birth?


Have you been told "You just had a baby! Give it time" or "You had a baby leaking is normal?"

Are you ready to feel like YOU again?

It is common for moms to have issues postpartum, but it is not normal.  

Happy Mother with her Child

You can feel like YOU again. Here's how.


First, share your struggles and concerns in a personalized free consult and we will create a healing plan just for you.


Second, we will help guide you through full emotional and physical healing from your birth. Using a combination of hands-on bodywork techniques, breath work, exercises, energetic and healing trauma. Many women not only feel better after one session but have a significant reduction in symptoms. 

Third, You feel energetically lighter, good in your body, and excited to enjoy motherhood your way. 

Having a baby changes your body and those changes can create longterm unwanted issues such as bladder leakage, prolapse, and pain. Preparing your body during pregnancy and making your healing a priority after your baby's birth can prevent those longterm issues saving you time, tears, and stress in the long run. 

Healing after a baby is more than Kegels. In fact, Kegels can actually make things worse. Seriously NO Kegels!

This is your healing journey. You are in control.  It doesn't matter if your baby is 6 weeks or 60 years old; if you delivered vaginally or by c-section you can fully heal your body. 

Your therapy sessions are one on one in the comfort of your own home through telehealth or in my office. Your therapy will be tailored to your needs.


Schedule your Free 20 minute Feel Good Again Strategy Session. 

How we help...

  • Make sure your pelvic floor and pelvis are ready for birth so you have a smoother & easier labor.

  • Stop Pregnancy pain

  • Open tightness in your belly to give baby more space to get in the best position for birth.

  • Postpartum care starting right after birth.  Making sure your body heals fully after baby saving your longterm struggles. 

  • Stop embarrassing leaks (both bladder and bowel) so you can feel confident in your day.

  • Stop the falling out feeling (prolapse) so you can get back to life without fear.

  • Stop the pain and start enjoying sex again.  

  • Painful C-Section, Tear, or Episiotomy Scar? A Scar massage may be all you need. (Hint: Check out the gifts)

  • Stop Back/Pelvic Pain tight vaginal muscles or your c-section scar may be causing your pain. Mobilizing those can get you out of pain for good.

  • Get rid of the pooch.  Heal your Diastasis Recti (the separation in your abdominals) and learn what exercises are safe for your body and get back to the exercise you love.


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