What Clients Have Shared

I can't believe how much progress in 3 days!! My tummy-bump is 2 inches smaller!!!

I am just blown away by the progress and kicking myself for suffering for SO LONG when it was UNNECESSARY.

Nicole R.

I have received two treatments from Landy so far during my pregnancy. I was experiencing severe hip/pelvic and back pain starting in my second trimester and had been regularly visiting my chiropractor for this pain. However, it wasn’t until I received help from Landy that I felt any true relief. She is incredibly gentle and the treatment is very noninvasive. She has a true gift for healing and is so comforting to talk to about what’s going on with the body during pregnancy. I would highly recommend Landy to anyone who is experiencing pain like I was (pregnant or not). 

Heidi A.

Landy is seriously amazing! She helped me with a problem I had been dealing with for 4 years. It had interrupted my life so much and I carried a lot of fear and anxiety because of it. After leaving my first visit with her, that issue had completely resolved. My only regret was not going so much sooner. I recommend her to just about every woman I talk to or work with. The care, compassion, and validation she gave me helped my body to heal. Thank you, Landy, I’m so happy we have you as an amazing and much-needed resource!!

Daryl A.

What I experienced with Landy was far beyond my expectations! I was having some discomfort and what I thought were bladder issues. I saw Landy on Facebook. As I began reading and listening to her posts and realized that my symptoms were not a normal part of birthing babies or aging! I scheduled with Landy shortly after. My appointment was incredible! Landy made me feel listened to, safe and validated. My healing that took place with Landy went far beyond the physical symptoms. Not only do I no longer the physical symptoms but I was able to release trauma and fears that had been holding me back in other areas of my life. In my opinion, EVERY woman should seek out pelvic therapy with Landy Peek!

Melanie O.

My body benefitted greatly from Landy's wonderful work. I am currently recovering from a breast cancer diagnosis and medical treatment. Although I am cancer free my body was holding onto the trauma of the past 10 months. Landy's intuition guided her to exactly the areas I needed help. Her deep healing presence and gentle hands created a safe container for me to explore my emotions and how they were showing up in my body as she guided me through moving past my fears, anger, and the beliefs that were holding me back from full recovery. Both my body and my emotions have felt much more balanced since Landy's treatment and I have more energy to devote to creating the life I wish to live now that my body feels stronger. I highly recommend Landy. Her work blending the physical, emotional, and energetic systems is transformational.

Jennifer D.

I worked with Landy only a few months after my miscarriage. She was instrumental in helping me shift the birth energy from that miscarriage and find both physical and emotional healing through her techniques. It is not something I could have received from a traditional therapist. She combines an expert skill set in women's health with intuition to provide more adequate healing.

Leslie K.