Welcome to Peek Possibilities, LLC. This is not your typical therapy office. We are the healing place for moms. This is the place you can talk about everything from leaking while you run, peeing your pants at the store, pain with intimacy, and more.

You will experience a therapist who genuinely cares about you and your healing. Pelvic issues are rarely talked about but women struggle with them daily. Pain, constipation, leakage, prolapse, and issues with intimacy all significantly impact your day and your life. If ignored these issues can become lifelong struggles. These may be common issues, but they are not normal! 

Hi, I'm Landy Peek.

Is your pelvic floor weak_ or too tight_
Pee leaks, pelvic pain, and other lady part issues are often blamed on a weak pelvic floor, but more women have a too-tight pelvic floor than a weak pelvic floor. Kegels will make a tight pelvic floor WORSE! 
Take this quiz to see if your pelvic floor is truly weak or if it's tight and then what you can do to help. 

Hi! I'm Landy. I am the owner and primary therapist at Peek Possibilities, LLC. I would love to be your healing guide. Feeling overwhelmed and having no idea what information to follow when healing after baby can make you feel like giving up.


I will guide you step by step through your preparation for birth and post-baby healing using easy & proven strategies so you can heal faster and easier without having to waste time and energy digging through google.


I support you not just during our visits, but with video and text follow up so you never have to feel confused or alone. Using a whole woman healing approach you will see long-lasting healing in fewer sessions. You will feel confident in your new mom body and be ready to get back to all the things you love sooner.

Birth Healing Specialist Certification S

Reach us at: 575-208-5434 

Visit us at: 801 N Union, Roswell, NM